Rabbis’ Summer Message- July 2019

Dear RTPV Community, 

This summer marks our fifth anniversary as rabbis of RTPV.  As you may know, RTPV has been the only job as rabbi (other than internships) that either of us has held, and the plan is for it to also be our last one.  We are not ready to retire yet, but we thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you what we love about being your rabbis: 

  • How appreciated we have been made to feel

  • How anyone who walks in our door is paid attention to 

  • The high level of volunteerism that insures our Temple runs smoothly

  • That new members are so quickly made to feel a part of the life of our community

  • All those who reach out to members in need with rides, shopping, meals or a caring call or visit

  • The “sisters” who tirelessly work on our break-fast, model seder and attic sale

  • The renewal of our Brotherhood and their creating successful fundraising events with great food and entertainment 

  • Teaching and learning Torah with students from age 8 to 88

  • How much Cantor Annice adds to our services

  • The board and committee members who do so much work that goes unnoticed

  • All who contribute financially – both members and non-members

  • The spirituality of our High Holidays

  • The joy of our Sukkot, Chanukah and Purim celebrations

  • That our entire community supports each other in times of grief and celebrates together in times of joy

  • How this RTPV community is accepting of everyone – regardless of religious belief, level of observance, background, gender identity  

We are proud to be your rabbis and thank all of you for the privilege of learning and praying together, and sharing your lives with us.  We look forward to continuing to serve the RTPV community for many years to come. 


Rabbis Steve Altarescu and Laurie Levy