Mission Statement

We are a small, welcoming, compassionate, and progressive congregation whose mission is to meet the spiritual, religious, educational and social needs of our temple community, honor the individual’s role in developing her/his Jewish identity, and to embrace the principles of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. In the spirit of the Jewish tradition, we will support this through our existence as a:

House of Prayer (Bet T’ fillah) – Offering a sanctuary for prayer and the study of Torah. Our temple is an inspirational place of spiritual contemplation, remembrance, and honor.
House of Study (Bet Midrash) – Promoting Jewish education in our classes and activities for all ages, our goal is to foster a sense of Jewish identity by stressing the importance of acts of kindness and by working towards a just and compassionate world.
House of Assembly (Bet K’ nesset) – Inspiring our activities of daily living by gathering as an inclusive Jewish community to celebrate life events, share the spirit of the holidays, enjoy communal meals and activities, and participate in social action to make the world a better place for all people.