Code of Ethics

RTPV Code of Ethical Behavior:

RTPV is a vibrant, multi-generational Reform Jewish congregation guided by tradition, grounded in the modern world, and infused with the sacred values of our faith. As partners in our kehillah k’dusha (sacred community ) , we endeavor to conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of moral behavior. Our Jewish values embody the teaching that every human being is created in b’tzelem Elohim (the image of God). We, therefore, strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of personal integrity, social responsibility, and human decency. RTPV embraces everyone without regard to religious background, age, ability, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status. When we behave ethically and hold ourselves accountable, RTPV is a safe, welcoming, and sacred environment. To ensure adherence to these standards, RTPV has created a Code of Ethical Behavior for the temple board, members and clergy.  We will treat all ethical allegations seriously and work to fairly resolve them, knowing that healing and reconciliation are the goals whenever possible. The behavioral expectations for the board, members and clergy include, but are not limited to, maintaining an environment of:



The members of the RTPV congregation, board and clergy shall: 

  • Conduct ourselves with good manners and common courtesy. 
  • Act with integrity.
  • Refrain from threats, insults, slander, derogatory speech, and

intimidating or attacking other congregants either verbally or physically. 

  • Treat others with fairness and compassion.
  • Address issues – not personalities.
  • Respect confidentiality of personal matters.



The members of the RTPV congregation, board and clergy shall:

  • Listen to others’ perspectives.
  • Respect different views and opinions.
  • Look to find solutions that benefit the congregation.



The members of the RTPV congregation, board and clergy shall: 

  • Be responsible and transparent regarding RTPV’s financial operations. • Not use anyone’s synagogue position for personal advantage or benefit. 
  • Make decisions regarding employment, volunteers, or contractors in an

ethical and legal manner, based solely on the best interest of RTPV.



The members of the RTPV congregation, board and clergy shall: 

  • Speak and act in a manner that makes all congregants feel safe. 
  • Never engage in bullying, threatening, intimidating, or humiliating

behaviors that attempt to degrade another person.

*Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior – whether a single act

or a series of repeated incidents.

  • Never attempt to harass or harm anyone, with either words or deeds,

including any form of sexual harassment or the use of a position of

power to oppress another person.



We abide by the Jewish precept of “ Do not stand idly by.” (Leviticus 19:16). As partners in a Jewish community, we have an ethical obligation to protect victims of abuse or neglect when made aware of such circumstances.

  • There will be an Ethics Committee to address all ethics violations. 
  • The Committee will have no less than three and no more than five

members (plus the rabbi).

  • The chair of the Committee will be appointed by the board. 
  • The chair of the Committee must be a trustee of the RTPV board. 
  • The chair appoints the other members of the Committee. 
  • The rabbi is a non-voting member of the Committee.
  • Complaints about ethics violations are to be submitted to either the

president of RTPV, the vice president, the rabbi, or the chair of the

Ethics Committee, and then will be referred to the entire Committee.

  • If a member of the Committee is a party to or is personally involved

in the subject of a matter brought before the Committee, he/she/they

will recuse themselves. 

If, due to a recusal, there are fewer than three Committee members able to review an ethics complaint, the chair shall appoint additional Committee members.

  • The Ethics Committee will operate in a fair, honest, impartial and

transparent manner.

  • The Ethics Committee will protect confidentiality (unless there is a

legal issue which requires that outside agencies must be involved). 

  • No adverse action or other retaliation will be taken against

anyone who, in good faith, reports a suspected violation of the

ethics code or assists in an investigation.



It is the goal of the committee as part of a sacred organization to resolve

all complaints in a compassionate manner.

The Ethics Committee will:

  • Investigate complaints.
  • Issue written or verbal recommendations.
  • Facilitate conflict-resolution or mediation either internally or with

outside facilitators.

  • Request, when deemed necessary, that a person whose actions are

contrary to RTPV’s ethical standards:

o Voluntarily step down from board and/or committee membership.

o Voluntarily leave the RTPV congregation.

  • Bring to the RTPV Board of Trustees, in accordance with RTPV

By-Laws, any matter it cannot resolve independently.


August 2023