Kosher/Nut and Peanut Free Policy

Kosher/Kashrut Policy

RTPV is a NUT FREE/PEANUT FREE FACILITY – Please read labels carefully and exercise similar care when preparing a homemade meal or dessert to share.

RTPV observes a “soft” kosher policy regarding food served at the Temple. This is a policy, which has been ratified by the Temple Board, and which follows the prevailing practices at most Reform congregations. It is intended to respect our members’ personal beliefs and practices.Please observe the following guidelines when preparing food in or bringing food to the Temple:

  • Do not bring or serve pork products, including bacon bits, prosciutto, or packaged products whose ingredients include pork or lard.
  • Do not bring or serve shellfish, including shrimp, crab, lobster, oyster sauce, mussels or their broths or derivatives.
  • Do not mix milk and meat products. Onegs are dairy. Other social events may include either dairy or meat meals. If a class dinner or other event involves a meat meal, please do not serve dairy products in the body of the meal. Feel free, however, to serve dairy products at the Oneg following services.

Other helpful hints

  • It is not necessary to look for packaged products that are specifically labeled as kosher. However please avoid using packaged products which include milk ingredients when preparing a meat meal or vice versa.
  • Products that are parve are neither milk nor meat and may be served with either type of meal.  Fish and eggs are parve.  (Please note – poultry is considered meat)