President’s Message

Dear Congregants, families and friends,

We are in the holiest time of the Jewish calendar. A time we search our souls, look to where we fell short, and try to find ways to make our lives more spiritual and try to improve them.
While a congregation is not a building, we as a congregation have a building…a home…that many other small congregations do not have. Our temple needs a new roof and a new parking lot. Both of these expenses will cost tens of thousands of dollars. If we keep putting the repairs off, they will only get more expensive as the damages increase. I hope you feel, like I do, that this home is valuable, a place where we can gather as a family to share both our joys and our struggles and feel, like I do, that this home is worth investing in, with both time and money.
We don’t just need money,  we need people to donate their time. Everything that is done, is done by volunteers. And frankly, most of it is done by the same people. If you have time, we need you. If you have talents, we need you. If you love this congregation, we need you. If you are not a member, please consider joining us. Our dues are very reasonable compared to many congregations, but we need them to continue. Please, be as generous as you can, with your money or your time to make sure that both our building and our congregation don’t just survive, but thrive.

Robin Bass
President, RTPV Board