Hebrew School

 RTPV Students are encouraged to explore and create for themselves a belief system that is meaningful for their experience of the world, as opposed to imposing any specific way of understanding the concept of God, the Bible and other sacred texts.  Rabbis Levy and Altarescu state: “Our goal is for each child to become a mensch: a responsible, ethical person of character and honor”

The RTPV community is particularly sensitive to the varying needs of its members: individuals raised in various Jewish traditions, Jews-by-choice and non-Jewish members of congregants’ families. The warm atmosphere encourages newcomers to share in all aspects of temple life.

Rabbis Levy and Altarescu both graduated from the Academy for Jewish Religion, a seminary devoted to a pluralistic philosophy that encourages each person to find their own meaningful way of being Jewish.  This imperative is infused into every aspect of the religious school as well as the RTPV community. In addition to the Rabbis, our faculty also includes a Hebrew School teacher and a teaching assistant. 

For more information please feel free to contact the rabbis by emailing them at rtpvrabbis@gmail.com or by leaving a message at 845-528-4774