President’s Message

Dear Congregants, families and friends:

As we approach the end of 2022, we take time to reflect on the past year. After 2 years of COVID isolation, we slowly moved back to more and more in-person events at the temple. Services remain hybrid, but more people began coming into the sanctuary. We reintroduced the option to bring food back. We had movie nights with snacks, and began having an Oneg Shabbat after in-person services. Being able to schmooze and chat has made a big difference for those attending services as we missed the socialization for such a long time.

While we are moving forward in many ways, we realize that COVID has changed us. We know that some people will never come back to the temple and therefore we will always be offering hybrid services. To make hybrid more accessible, we hope to get a large-screen TV so everyone in the sanctuary can see the power points we now use. We also need more technical equipment to make the hybrid experience work for people in the sanctuary and at home. This is just one expense that has risen from Covid.

We want to offer you a myriad of different and meaningful opportunities to join us both physically and spiritually. Check out our E-Newsletter to see all the upcoming events in January. To be able to offer these and other events, the reality is we need money to cover our costs.  Our dues remain modest compared to other congregations, and they only cover a fraction of our expenses. Without the generous support of our members and friends, we could not cover the many expenditures that go beyond our dues; therefore, we need you to be as generous as possible to help us meet our obligations. And don’t forget, volunteering is also a way of supporting the temple.

As always, we want you to know that no matter what you give, our doors are always open to everyone and we hope you will continue to join us in the many things we offer. Having you with us is the most important thing you can do to ensure that we can keep our doors open to serve you and our community.

You can mail your tax-deductible donation to: Reform Temple of Putnam Valley, Box 232, Putnam Valley, NY 10579 or go to and use the Donate button