President’s Message

As we look forward to the High Holy Days, 5780 I am reflecting on the banner year that is ending. In 5779 we celebrated with six young people called to the Torah for their B’nai Mitzvah, and five adult women shared in a group B’not Mitzvah. We welcomed an exciting number of grandchildren to members of our congregation, celebrated inductions into Honor Societies, High School graduations and both first and 21st birthday parties. We bid a sad farewell to a former board president who relocated out of state to be closer to her own grandchildren. We shared the best of times and the worst of times through prayer, Torah study and social events. I want to thank our outgoing President, Lee Joffee, for his dedicated and inspiring leadership. I want to acknowledge Co-Vice President Roni Rodman for teaching me the ropes and staying on as First Vice President. My appreciation goes out to all of the Board Officers, Committee Chairs, Event Chairs and the many volunteers who keep our temple as active and vibrant as synagogues that are twice the size. I credit Rabbi Laurie Levy, Rabbi Steve Altarescu and Cantor Annice Benamy for keeping our spiritual palettes engaged and open to relating personally to their Torah teachings each week. 

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Scrip fundraisers, attending monthly Movie Night, pitching in on temple cleanup days and being part of the interfaith community events organized by the Peekskill Pastors Association and other organizations. 

5780 will mark Rabbi Levy and Rabbi Altarescu’s fifth year at RTPV. They have supported our congregation at every milestone and celebrated their own milestones and Simchot with our RTPV community. If you are a visitor to our page, I urge you to stop in for a Friday night service, sit in on an Adult Education Class, or contact us about our Religious School for children, ages 8-13, Holiday Workshop class for younger children, Adult Holiday Workshop series featuring instruction by local artists, or another one of our long list of social activities. If you are part of an Interfaith family, as am I, you can rest assured that our temple is very welcoming and accepting. I urge you to stop in and be sure to leave us your information so that we can keep you informed of the wide array of offerings that we present every month. 

There is a list of the September and October activities that are planned on the home page of this website. We also post activities on our Reform Temple of Putnam Valley Facebook Group Page. Please join us and invite a friend. I look forward to seeing you soon. You can reach me at

Lisa K.
RTPV Board President