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Dear RTPV Community,
It has been said that the 10 Commandments, which we read this week in Parshat Yitro, are God’s love letter to the Jewish people.  Just as, from a place of love a parent sets rules and limits for their child, so too does God, as an act of love, define for us the way we are to conduct ourselves in the world and in our relationships.
And how fitting that we read this love letter on Valentine’s Day, the holiday of expressing love.  In fact, if you want to bring a poem or love letter of your own to the service, we will make room to read them.
Hope to see you at 8, followed by a dessert Oneg lovingly sponsored by Manching Tom.
See our coming attractions below.
With love,

RTPV Announcements: February – March 2020

The RTPV Caring Community program needs your support in providing this valuable service to our members.  Please contact Barbara Bodner:

Please help out by sponsoring an Oneg: to celebrate a special occasion, in honor of a loved one, or just because.  Contact Pam Zicca: 

Thursday, February 13th, 7:30 PM,  Death Cafe, waiting list only.  The next one will be in the Spring.

Friday, February 14th,  8:00 PM, Shabbat Service

Friday, February 21st,  8:00 PM, Shabbat Service

Friday, February 28th,  8:00 PM, Shabbat Service; Scout Shabbat

Saturday, February 29th, 10:00 AM, Holiday Workshop

Friday, March 6th,  6:30 PM, Family friendly service followed by a “Lion King” Purim Schpiel, Purimfest and dinner.  More details to follow.

Friday, March 13th, 8:00 PM, Shabbat Service

Saturday, March 14th, 12:00 PM, Adult Ed Lunch and Learn TBA

Friday, March 20th, 6:30 PM, Family Friendly Shabbat Service followed by a potluck dinner

Friday, March 27th, 8:00 PM, Shabbat Service