Rabbis’ High Holiday Message

Dear RTPV family,

This year, we want to share with you a story from the Talmud about Honi, the circle maker:

One day Honi passed by an elderly man who was planting a carob tree. He said to the older man: “Kind sir, are you aware that it takes about 70 years for a carob tree to bear its fruit? Do you really think that you will be around to enjoy the fruit of your labors?”
The old man replied: “I am well aware of the nature of the carob tree my friend. But just as my parents planted carob trees for me to enjoy, so too am I planting trees for my children.”
The story could well have ended there, but it continues…
After the encounter with the old man, Honi has a meal which puts him into a deep sleep. The Talmud says that a rock enfolded him and covered him up for 70 years, the precise amount of time we have been told it takes a carob tree to give fruit. Honi wakes up and sees a man picking carobs from the tree. Honi, unaware of how long he slept, inquires: “Kind sir. Are you the one who planted this tree?”
“No” he replied. “That was my grandfather”. 
May this High Holiday season inspire us to think deeply about our lives and the legacy we will leave for those who come after us.  What seeds will you plant in the coming year?
Wishing you and your family a New Year of joy, goodness and sweetness.
Rabbis Altarescu and Levy